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PV - Wind energy package

The expansion of renewable energies is essential for the energy transition in our country and worldwide.

Before large-scale photovoltaic (PV) systems and wind turbines (WTG) or hybrid PV/WTG systems can be built, a large number of approvals based on in-depth research and planning are required. During construction, the requirements of the authorities regarding nature conservation, species protection and soil protection must be met.

Our PV wind energy package utilizes synergy effects from the various engineering and scientific surveys. This interdisciplinary approach gives you a decisive advantage.

Work with us to put together your energy package by combining

  • Site investigation,
  • Soil utilization concept,
  • Soil protection concept and soil protection plan,
  • Specialist species protection report

as part of the planning, with the services

  • Ecological construction supervision,
  • Soil science construction supervision,
  • Waste management support

as part of the execution.

The PV-Wind-Energy Pact by PRO UMWELT helps you reach your goals more economically, faster and with minimized risk.