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SEE You - Cooperation platform South East Europe

The economic development of the Southeast European region is getting more and more important for our german economy.

Besides the countries that already are memebers of the EU, the candidate countries as Serbia shows us interesting development.

Serbia has to reach many standards,according to EU laws or regulatives, and its own accession plans, not only in a political way, but also in environmental protection and infrastructural development.

The EU supports these activities financially, and this would be a great possibility to upgrade your business activities in the region.

This results in the next few decades in an almost inexhaustible bussiness potential in fields of technological transfer, infrastructure development such as water and wastewater treatment, waste management, environmental protection, etc.

We offer you the possibility to benefit of this development , by creating your own bussiness network in southeastern Europe, supported by our team in the field.

Establish your business with a business address and phone number in Serbia ! Stay in touch and be well informed about all possible economical or political developments.

We are ready to offer you the opportunity to be represented personally in german language in Serbia, and we offer you using our local networks and infrastructure in economy, media or politics.

We proudly run a translating office in Serbia, and we would like to offer you possible organization of bussiness field trips in this region, if needed by your company.

Our team is ready to organize every detail, according to your plans and wishes.

Would you like to know more about these topics? Please, be so free, and give us a call!

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