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Waste management / soil exploitation and disposal concepts

The recycling economic act , and other supplementary law regulations regulate waste law in our country. In every project we are often faced with different types of waste. So it is very important to have best possible solutions for every case.

PRO UMWELT would be glad to offer you following services

  • the waste management representative,
  • qualified sampling and declaration,
  • the waste recording,
  • the quantity measurement,
  • waste concepts,
  • the electronic records following verification procedures,
  • soil recycling concepts,
  • the waste disposal concepts,
  • and preparation for tendering services.

Our experienced waste management experts ,according to § 59-60 of the recycling act (KrWG) guarantee you by legally compliant waste management concepts and disposal concepts, and soil exploitation concepts, with a proper and professional waste management,and the exploitation and disposal of waste as needed.

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