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Occupational safety measures and health protection

The occupational safety and health protection is steadily getting more important ​​in the planning and execution of construction projects in all areas. The investor , or leader of the project, or the performing company is obliged to take care about occupational safety and health protection on the building site.

Our health and occupational safety experts can support you in meeting and also implementing the needed reqiurements. Especially when working in contaminated areas, such as in the revitalization or renovation of brownfields, in the remediation of contaminated sites or areas, or in converting former military locations to interesting building locations in the inner city area, and in the area of ​​the landfill construction, proper, experienced and early planning and monitoring in the field of health protection and occupational safety is really essential for a successful construction process.

Good planning is always saving time, and this literally means that your company will save money, and get more productive.

Our well qualified PRO UMWELT team is ready to advise you, and support you in:

  • Health protection and occupational safety coordination according to construction site law (RAB 30, Part B and C),
  • Health protection and occupational safety in contaminated areas (DGUV 101-004 formerly BGR 128, TRGS 524),
  • Safety protection and health protection at work with asbestos (TRGS 519).

We can provide you the best possible and reliable solutions, which are specially designed to meet your specific requirements and needs.

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