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Internal indoor poluttants

Have you ever thought that your appartment, house, or your working space could make you sick? You already have health problems ? You suspect, smell or see mould? Do you smell a strange odour in your rooms?

The cause is often in hidden pollutants that are released from building materials, furniture, carpets, paint, exposed wood, or other diverse materials that surround us all the time.

Hidden indoor pollutants can be measured and detected in old buildings and in new ones, in renovated buildings and appartments, or in different offices, practically everywhere. It is very important to identify them as soon as possible.

Our company PRO UMWELT is always ready to support and advise you in finding and detecting hidden indoor pollutants and developed the right solving solutions with

  • Structured object and problem spot measures,
  • VDI - and ISO compliant sampling of air, dust, and other materials,
  • Qualified analysis in accredited laboratories,
  • data ratings , readings and recommendation for action,
  • Support in the implementation of necessary measures.

Our goal is to ensure your healthy living again, and to raise your life and working quality.

If you have any questions, please be so free to contact us !

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