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Our goals and leading ideas were always to meet the challenges and reqiurements you defined , in an economical and goal-oriented way.

We all love and need our environment !

But sometimes, our environment has surprises for us, which have a certain impact on us and our lives.

In order to eliminate the occurring problems in a combination of economic necessities and environmental protection, it is necessary to use the following:

  • the knowledge of the legal framework,
  • the experience regarding the technical possibilities,
  • the understanding of the interests of the competent authorities,
  • the business management know-how to solve the tasks with the best possible conditions.

PRO ENVIRONMENT offers you the competence, and a network of highly qualified experts from various disciplines who understand your concerns, have ideas and develop sustainable solutions together with you, according to your needs.

With over 25 years of experience in environmental consulting,we offer you are a competent, and clever advises. For example:

  • risk minimization in dismantling and building renovation,
  • legally safe waste management / disposal concepts / soil recycling concepts,
  • solutions for the remediation / remediation of your recent pollutions problems and areas,
  • assistance in the assessment of the living space climate in relation to interior harmful or toxic substances,
  • individual data management of your environmental media and parameters.

Everything planned and done by us, according to your needs and wishes !