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Digital environmental and internal indoor poluttants - management

The clever solution for easy management of your environmental data

If you own a landfill, or operate a gravel and sand production, you constantly have to take care about environmental media.

If you are an aftercare operator for contaminated sites, areas , landfills , or industrial inactive locations, and have to document all information about waste regulary, then you are faced with a huge amount of data.

This great amount of information leads in conventional procedure (sighting, textual, or tabular summary) very often to:

  • a flood of documents and data,
  • difficulty in detecting material issues

and all this can cause various difficulties, as

  • time-intensive detection of recurrent records,
  • time-consuming analysis,
  • time-intensive tabular compilations,
  • time-intensive graphical representations, etc.,
  • problematic devolopment of constructive solutions,
  • delayed decision.

PRO UMWELT has developed for you VisInfo®. VisInfo® is a very easy to use as a visualization and information tool for your environmental data.

Our system offers you with a simple click following possibilities:

  • Quality security by direct "feed" of the laboratory examination data in xls format,
  • automatic updating of parameter evaluation,
  • immediate clear presentation of concentration trends,
  • the variable display of randomly selected survey data per measurement point or all measurment points at once,
  • Incorporating graphical data (eg expansion drawings, maps, etc.) without additional software needed,
  • Report creating - monthly, quarterly and / or year reporting,
  • Connecting Free - GIS - software with a GIS system is also possible.

VisInfo® is the best possible solution for your data management of environmental media.

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GS Motor

The clever solution for the internal indoor poluttants management of your real estate and waste management for dismantling and disposal of waste , and hazardous materials remediation.

Pollutants in buildings could occur in every building. Whether residential, commercial or industrial building, all could be easily affected.

It does not matter if it is a new building, an old one, or if it is a production facility. The problems are the same. GS Monitor offers you :

  • a quick overview of existing pollutant deposits in connection with maps, and this
  • enables you to fast access to information for prospective buyers, tenants, users, operators and authorities , or for the
  • successful waste disposal

GS Monitor was designed together with with Geoware (www.geoware-gmbh.de).

The GS - Monitor® is the ideal system for all matters and questions related to "pollutants in buildings" "waste management in renovation , demolition or dismanteling of buildings".

You can find sample content here -> Link

Using GS - Monitor ® you will quickly and easily get the possibility to recognize and

  • to identify occuring poluttants,
  • to identify real priorities,
  • to structure waste management issues,
  • define economical securing, reconstruction or demolition and dismanteling steps.

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