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Contaminated sites , soil and landscape recycling

In our modern inner city development , some old industry sites, military locations , or other not used landscapes are getting very useful and interesting for public and private investors .

Investments in these areas always depend on the quality of the site, soil and location that is provided.

In addition to the importance of the location by itself , there is always a question about the contamination situation.

All property or land owners, both public and possible private buyers, retailers and project developers want to carry out their projects with as few unknowns as possible.

An assessment of contaminated sites or soils is always the most cost effective way of minimizing risks, before buying or selling, or at the latest before the start of construction.

Our goal is to develop optimal strategies in terms of environmental measures , but also in terms of business management measures.

We are ready to support your activities connected to reuse of old buildings, soil or land, and to provide balance of interests for all parties joining the project.

We check, identify and evaluate all data in the planning phase to provide you the security you need.

PRO UMWELT is ready to offer you structured, qualified and goal-oriented actions and activities

  • the initial recognition and formal initial assessment,
  • the historical exploration including aerial photography,
  • oriented and detailed exploration,
  • the groundwater monitoring,
  • the renovation concept and the renovation planning,
  • tendering needed performances and activities.

PRO UMWELT provides you the planning in occupation safety and health protection issues, but also the construction supervision of the renovation and rehabilitation measures.

We are always ready to provide you the best possible know-how, technologies and experts, to achieve optimal results.

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